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When you purchase an RV at one of our Adventure Club dealers, you will receive all the benefits below. A welcome email will be in your inbox shortly with your contract ID and unique KOA member ID. Click on the links below to start using your other adventure services today!

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RV Life Membership

  • 1 Year Free Premier Membership

  • Over 360,000 reviews of more than 19,000 campgrounds.

  • List of amenities:  hookups, cell phone signals, wifi, site types, swimming pools, and more.

  • RV Safe GPS with voice navigation, lane guidance, and real-time traffic updates.

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Harvest Host Trial

  • 30-Day free trial

  • Boondock at thousands of unforgettable destinations you won’t find anywhere else– with no camping fees!

  • Membership gives you unlimited overnight stays at 5,232+ farms, wineries, breweries, and attractions with no camping fees.                   


Fuel Discounts

  • Save up to $.25 per gallon        

  • Accepted at 95% of fuel stations nationwide        

  • No credit check, no bills, nothing to fund, just savings

  • Join, Activate, Swipe!



  • $50 fee credit the first time you rent your RV

  • Rent to verified drivers on Outdoorsy

  • Earn up to $50,000/year

  • Get support every step of the way                   


KOA Membership

  • FREE one year of KOA Rewards

  • 10% off daily registration fees at 500+

  • KOA campgrounds

  • Earn points that equal cash for future stays at KOA

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